15 Reasons NOT to follow Jesus

• Matthew – death by sword in Ethiopia

• Mark – dragged through the streets until dead in Egypt.

• Luke – hung on a tree in Greece

• John – banished to an island

• James – beheaded in Jerusalem

• James the Less – thrown from the top of the temple

• Philip –  hung up against a pillar until dead

• Bartholomew – thrashed to death

• Andrew – bound to a cross until dead

• Jude – shot with arrows

• Matthias – stoned, then beheaded

• Barnabas – stoned to death

• Paul – tortured, imprisoned, and beheaded in Rome

• Thomas – speared in India

• Peter – crucified upside down in Rome

…I don’t even like needles. O.O

These dudes witnessed Jesus and then stormed the world screaming about His kingdom and His resurrection until people everywhere killed them. If these deaths be true, then these witnesses believed the message and the miracles of Christ, and that belief demoted survival to secondary status to make room for telling the world about the Christ and His teachings as THE priority.

Perhaps you and I need to do some demoting…?

We ought to live like such men, moved by the Spirit of God to offer our lives, even to death, in the belief that…

*Nothing is better than Jesus.


There is debate about the authenticity of the disciples martyrdoms since they are often recorded by historians that were affiliated with a church, cited in rejected apocryphal writings, or written by scholars who were not witnesses of the events, but what is undeniable is the long and ever growing list of souls that have declared that nothing is better than Jesus at the cost of their lives:

~Martyrs then:


~Martyrs now:



*Pray for those who hide in the dark, hike miles into the bitter wilderness, and risk their lives for a chance to read a Bible. Our privilege is our calling.

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